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Kiba the Annoyed.

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Kiba the Annoyed. Empty Kiba the Annoyed.

Post  Kiba on Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:50 am

Username(On WQ): kiba wolf fang.
Name: Kiba.
Fur color: Pure White.
Markings: Scar on chest.No Markings.
Eye color: Crystal Blue.
Gender: Brute.
Personality: Kind,Freindly,Brave and easly annoyed.
History: He was abused by his father so he ran away.
Likes: Seeing others happy,being left alone etg.
Dislikes: Mountian lions,Bears,Seeing others hurt and being annoyed.
Habits: None yet.
Fears: Mountain Lions.
Rank: Delta.

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