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Zora's Bio

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Zora's Bio Empty Zora's Bio

Post  Riahbeth on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:08 pm

Username(On WQ): Riahbeth2.

Name: Zora.

Fur color: Mixtures of browns, and some grays and tans.

Markings: N/A.

Eye color: Dark green.

Gender: Female.

Personality: Quirky, curious, energetic, and spunky most of the time. But she is quite emotional, if something terrible happens, she will never forget it. She mainly thinks of life as an adventure, and even when she's depressed, she will have a nonchalant tone to her voice. At times she can be a mood swing, one moment she's depressed, and the next moment you see her bouncing off the walls. Zora can also be naive at some points. And whenever she meets an intimidating character, she will act a bit sheepish and put her tail between her legs in submission, but if it is to protect her loved ones, she will do her best to put up a fight. She can be a bit forgetful at times. Zora also has keen scent, and is a fast runner. Zora is slim, and lacks muscle, but her hunting skills are her strength. Overall, Zora seeks adventure, and always tries to stay positive. But her emotion can destroy her.

History: After growing up in her birth pack, she decided she wanted to start one of her own by looking for a mate. Zora trekked miles and miles away from her old pack's territory, but instead of a mate, she found another pack which welcomed her in. At first she was unsure, Zora felt very cautious around these strangers, but after a few months she seemed to relax. Zora finally calls this pack her home, and her memories of her birth pack have started to fade away, she can just barely remember what her parents looked like, which puts a cloud of curiosity of her past.

Likes: Running, swimming, and rolling in the grass. She enjoys sun-bathing, and sometimes roughhousing with her pack members. And her favorite meal is a fat hare.

Dislikes: Strangers, which makes her uncomfortable and makes her contain a hint of fear. Any bad scents, she is very sensitive to smells, and just a whiff of fox dung, she will gag. When somebody becomes aggressive, or puts her down.

Habits: She tends to lick herself when she;s nervous, or flicking her ears.

Fears: Being neglected, or left alone. And death of her pack and others. And about her relationships with her friends being destroyed.

Rank: Hunter.

Reference(Optional): Zora's Bio Reference_for_riahbeth_by_crystalvanillite-d4h9ld8

Anything else?: She wears a small yellow chain necklace. She symbolizes the sun, and her name means dawn.


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