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Selene's Biography - Reference Added

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Selene's Biography - Reference Added Empty Selene's Biography - Reference Added

Post  Selene on Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:43 pm

✶ | Selene | ✶

The Basics

Name: Selene
Nicknames: Sel, Selly, Lene, Eneles, Seal, Ms. Narff, Sela, Ene, Selle, Lens, Aselena, Sea Land, Lend
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years - 10 months
Rank: Scout


Mate / Pups: None ; none
Crushes: None currently.
Friends: None currently as she is still new.
Leto - Mother - Deceased
Lelantos - Father - Alive
Rhea - Sister - Alive
Ania - Sister - Deceased

Enemies: None that she is aware of.

Physical Traits

Weight: 65 pounds - average.
Height: 29 inches - around average.
Build: Selene's small frame and slender build make her ideal for speed and endurance. She has slightly long graceful legs that help to carry her across the land.
Fur Color: Selene's coat is a light brown with a slightly darker shade on her ears and around her eyes. The same, darker brown also appears as "socks" on her front legs. Her tail tip is a deep mahogany color while her belly is a light cream.
Coat: In the warmer months Selene's fur is rather scruffy. But in the winter months it gets thick and has a more fluffy look to it.
Eye Color: Deep Amber

Mental Traits

Personality: Brave, mysterious and cunning are only a few of the words used to describe Selene. Honesty is a big policy for this she-wolf and she hates when others lie to her. Though she's a bit of a loud mouth herself and has no problem with stating her position on things - whether others want to hear it or not. Her bold and headstrong characteristics make her a fierce fighter, always willing to step in and take a blow for someone.
Selene likes to be independent. She has trouble fessing up and admitting that she needs help. Social gatherings have never been her strong point as she's always felt uncomfortable in large crowds. The shadows are her home, where she can calmly watch everything that goes on within the pack. More of an observer than a doer.
While generally laid back and calm Selene has a tenancy to snap, breaking out into mad fits of anger when she's pushed to the limit. Her temper flares have caused others to fear her in the past and for some to keep away from her in the present. She has trouble when trying to work with others, and when she does she morphs into someone else - going from loud mouth to shy & silent in the blink of an eye.

Weaknesses: What Selene has in speed she lacks in strength. She was never one of the strongest wolves ever and her small frame doesn't do much to help her. Her tough facade makes most stay away from her, making her feel distant from others.
Strengths: Her small size gives her the perfect ability to have great speed and endurance which helps her with traveling, which she does often.
Talents: Selene is rather good at hiding and tracking. Over the years she has learned many little tricks to being able to move around the woods without barely making a sound. And her keen sense of smell allows her to pick up on many faint scents.
Habits: Fidgeting is really her only problem.

Tale Best Forgotten

:: History :: Born into a small pack on a rainy spring day a chestnut brown pup knew nothing of the fate that lay before her; only that her mother was always close and her two sisters were there to keep her company. The first few weeks of her life were filled with the sound of rain pattering down on the sodden soil as storm after storm hit the area. She spent many nights being lulled to sleep to the timely tune of the thunder.

As days turned into weeks the small female, named Selene, made her first appearance outside of the den. With her sisters by her side she was confident she could strive for the sky and reach it. The siblings grew up together, scuffling about the small clearing that surrounded the den in imaginary battles to protect their territory and heroic missions to save lost pups.

“Ania, this is the last time you’ll steal prey from me!” Selene shouted running over to her sister during the middle of one of their games. A slightly larger black pup turned around to look at Selene, a mischievous grin resting upon her face.
“And what are you going to do about, Selene? Fight me?” Ania paused, laughing. She stepped towards Selene slowly, speaking in a hushed tone. “Do you honestly think you can stop me? Don’t you remember how that ended last time?” Ania stopped their noses only inches apart. Her lips pulled back in a snarl, revealing tiny white teeth that had begun to grow in.
Selene glanced at her shoulder at an imaginary scar before turning back to her sibling, narrowing her eyes in a faked rage. “I remember clearly.” She spat out. “And I still come here, Ania, ready to fight.”
Ania didn’t give it second thought. Before Selene could process what was going on she was on top of her sister. The two rolled about on the dirt ground. Selene yelled as Ania ripped and tore into her skin, biting down and pulling onto her ear. This was turning into something more than just a game. “Mama! Mama!” Selene shouted from underneath her sister. Within moments a tall cream colored she-wolf came rushing over, pushing Ania off of Selene.
“What were you thinking? You could’ve killed her.” Leto said sternly to Ania. The black pup just stood there panting as she stared at her younger sister, bloodlust still present in her eyes. Leto turned back to Selene checking her over. Several gashes were apparent and she was bleeding pretty badly on her flank. “My baby…” She spoke softly, laying down beside Selene and beginning to try and clean the wounds up. Selene’s small form shook as tears came to her eyes, glancing with scared eyes at Ania.

After that day nothing ever seemed to be the same between Ania and Selene. Ania never seemed to be right afterwards. She became grumpy and snapped at others regularly. But as the two grew apart Selene turned to her other sister, Rhea, for comfort. As weeks went by sickness struck the pack at the beginning of fall. Within a few days Leto and Selene’s father, Lelantos had caught the fateful disease. The pack went seemed to go downhill from there. The stress of having their alphas close to death and an oncoming winter worried many of them. But as when she was attacked, Rhea came to comfort Selene. The two stuck together through the rough times and Rhea stepped up to help manage the pack for her parents while both were ill. It wasn’t long until things seemed to turn upside down for Selene. While most of the pack members who had caught the disease seemed to be recovering, including her father, her mother’s condition only got worse.

Selene entered the den one evening to see her mother. The day had been filled with the view of open meadows as she went on her first hunt with Rhea and several other wolves. When they had returned news of her mother’s condition reached Selene and she rushed to her mother’s side.
“How…” She paused, taking in the site of her mother’s thin form. “How do you feel?” She knew it was a stupid question to ask. Just by looking at her she could tell she was in no promise state. It was likely she would die soon, much to the pack’s dismay.
“Selene…” Leto began softly, putting on a smile through her pain. “Watch out for Ania…” She took a weak breath. “She needs… guidance.”
Selene nodded slowly, understanding. Ania had been doing no good for a long time. Many fights broke out between her and other members, often for no clear reason at all. Rumors had begun flitting around about her as well, but because of her recent behavior no one could tell the lies from the truths anymore.

It was on that night that Leto died, leaving the pack in a depressed manner. A heartbroken Lelantos stepped down from alpha, leaving the position to Rhea. Selene was right by her sister’s side the day she took the role as alpha; cheering her on with words of encouragement. Ania stood off to the side, glaring, moping, and plotting. As weeks went by her regular verbal abuse to Selene grew more so. Selene began to grow fearful of returning home from hunts, not wanting to become the victim to further abuse.

After several weeks nothing improved for Selene. Not only did she become weakened by abuse but she longed to be free. Free from the same pack… free from Ania. She gave quick goodbyes to Rhea and close friends before running off in the dead of night, hoping her absence would remain unnoticed by Ania for a while so she would have time to make a great escape.

Days of traveling turned to weeks. Selene had no clue where she was going or where she would end up. She rarely saw other wolves and encountered several packs but to no hope. Most of them rejected her flat out, others threatening her life if she didn’t leave. She soon met another loner, Aidos, who accepted her for being who she was; seeing past her stubborn exterior to her caring heart. The two quickly became mates, traveling the land together in search of a place to call their home. Though the love didn’t last long, Aidos died several months later in a bear attack, trying to protect Selene.

Being forced to leave the body of her beloved mate behind Selene pushed onward, her emotional pain nearing a climax, not knowing how much more death and parting she could take. After only a few weeks of travel Selene came across Banishing Winds territory where she came across the large male, Derek. Hoping for a better future she followed him to speak with the Alphas about joining...

:: Extras ::
I think I've covered everything for now.

::Cartoon-ish Reference ::
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