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Wolves of Beyond

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Wolves of Beyond Empty Wolves of Beyond

Post  Dente on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:32 pm

Okay,So I decided to make a RP based upon the Series by Kathern Lasky,Wolves of Beyond in which I love 8D Feel free to join,Even if you have read a bit or have not read any,you can still RP! No harm will be done if you do! So I'll just put out the ranks,so if you do not remember them (In which I cant because there hard D8) Or if you want to know.

Chieftains(Clan Leader):

Lords(Pack Leaders. The person who leads the hunting pack):

Skreeleens:They howl about matters of prey and hunting. Some howl to relay information about a hunting pack location to the clan:

Byrrgis Leaders: Leader of Hunts:

Captains: A trusted wolf by the cheiftain,They are quite high ranked:

Lieutenants:Trainingg to be Captains,these wolves are strong willed and capable of many things:

Corporals:These wolves make sure everything is going right within the Clan,they are very respected as well:

Packers:The Average members of the Pack,They hunt,fight,and watch pups:

Gnaw Wolves:The lowest rank,They are used to carve messages in bones with there teeth:

Note:I got rid of Obeas becase I think its a little mean of what they do,I only left Gnaw Wolf,because they can be fun to RP ^^ Also,you can pick any rank you wish,Cheiftain,Gnaw Wolf,Corpal,Whatever,and just because you are a high rank in the Rp,does not mean you have to command domiance,low ranks are just as important!

My Wolf:



Rank:Gnaw Wolf

Age:3 years of age

Appearance:An average gray coated wolf who has a bad wound on his right shoulder blade,his eyes a sparkling blue

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Wolves of Beyond Empty Re: Wolves of Beyond

Post  Fusion on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:57 pm

I love the series! I bought it at a book fair and read the whole thing. ^^

I might join.

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