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Sian's Bio

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Sian's Bio Empty Sian's Bio

Post  Sian on Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:27 pm

Username(On WQ): WolfQuest
Name: Sian
Fur color: Pure white.
Markings: Silvery-purple dashes all over her coat.
Eye color: Milky Brown
Gender: Fae
Personality: She is kind and nice, with a big heart. She stands up for what's right, and shows a very kind heart.
History: Sian was born into a regular pack. Her parents were loving, and were the alphas of her pack. She had two other siblings. She was friends with all, but her older sister despised her.
Her older sister hated her, because she was more popular than her. Her older sister was named Kuan, and she was born before Sian. Kuan used to be the nicest pup around, until Sian was born, and became the nicest. She was driven by jealousy and anger to rid her sister from the pack.
Sian tried to be friends with Kuan, but she was to angry to see that Sian was good, and meant no harm to her. The next rank they saw for Sian was Alpha female, Kuan was out of the picture.
Kuan was power hungry, and wanted the rank of power so much, she began training when she was 9 months- a yearling, to take out her sister herself. She would watch, almost stalk her sister, waiting for the right moment to strike.
Finally, one day, Sian was out alone. She was going to meet her mentor, if she was destined for power, she needed training. But then, Kuan jumped out of the trees, and attacked her sister. She clawed at her, bit her, and dragged her to a tree.
She then said, "Lookey here. Sian doesn't have anyone to save her now. You're DEAD!" She was about to go for Sian's throat, when all the sudden, there was a rumbling noise, followed by an eery creak. The tree that Sian was pinned against... cracked.
Sian ran out of the way, but it was to late for Kuan. The tree smashed down on her, as Sian yelled "Kuan!" She used all her strength and pushed the tree aside. Her sister moaned a few times, and then the moaning stopped. Her lifeless body lay on the ground. They carried her away.
More coming soon!
Likes: Swimming, hunting, exploring, bright sunny days, and being active.
Dislikes: Being lazy, very hot days, and being lonely.
Habits: Hunting and exploring.
Fears: Unsteady things, tall hills/mountains, and avalanches.
Rank: Hunter
Reference(Optional): Sian's Bio Silver%20wolf%20%28w%29
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Post  Citrine on Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:21 am

Awww, pretty wolfy =D Nice bio Sian! :3

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