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Post  Eragon on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:39 am

Name: Eragon
Fur colour: black as coal
Markings: silver streaks in fur
Personallity: sweet and kind can be very serious but likes to joke around
History: when Eragon was just a few weeks old he ran out of the den while his parents were asleep, he had gotten lost in the forest and then taken away to a reserve somewhere by humans doing research on wolves, years later he was set free and ran into the distance back to his home land, somehow he returned to the den he was born in the sent of his mother and father lingerd in the air, as he took in the sent he realised they were in the area somewhere so he followed the sent looking and searching for them but disaster struck he then saw his parents dieing on the floor, he spoke to them in a soft quiet spot the told him to leave quickly then they passed away he looked away tears forming in his eyes and ran into the distance, he bumped into a wolf who turned out to be his brother they joined a pack, Eragon soon was trusted by many in the pack and was given the rank of beta but the alpha was dieing and he had to take over a few years after Eragon left the pack and gave his rank to his brother, he set of again and found the november rain pack and joined he currently holds the rank of a delta.
Heres a few pictures of me:)

About Eragon 4280607777_3ac55c3fb9
About Eragon Majesty_ebon
About Eragon Blackwolf


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