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My names Jeans

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My names Jeans Empty My names Jeans

Post  JeansHowl on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:53 am

Username(On WQ):JeansHowl
Name: Jeans
Fur colour:Grey,white and tan
Markings:black tip on tail
Eye colour:light blue
Personality:Kind, Happy and sometimes shy

History: I lived with my two brothers Chase and Cyrus along with my mother, farther and several other wolves. My mother died of lung cancer when I was six months and soon, our pack had to do this journey to see if we are good enough and strong enough for the pack. Through the journey us pups had to do hard training. Chase had been injured from a bear attack that was supposed to be 'practise'. So Cyrus and I fought our farther(the Leader) so that we could have better rights to the pack. We lost. So we decided to leave that pack and start our own journey, fresh. Chase met another she wolf and she continued the journey with us for a few days before Chase and her, came to a decision... to create their own pack. So now it was just Cyrus and I. When we were about two and a half years old, Cyrus and I meet a pack and we joined them. About five months later, I wanted to start my own pack, and so I left Cyrus and the pack and ventured farther than any wolf in our family pack had before. When I was about three I met another lone wolf named Armric.
We lived the next five months together before starting our pack... I was captured by two leggers. They put me in a crate and sent me to... YellowStone.

Likes: Shady spots
Habits:sleeps to much
Fears:Clowns(they aren't funny!)

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