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About my wolf Crystal

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About my wolf Crystal

Post  Crystal on Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:21 pm

Name: Crystal.
Age: 3yrs.
Wq User: RedCrystalRose.
Appearance: a Redish Brown mixture with light brown and black streaks here and there.
Eye Colour: Brown with Purple tint.
Personality: kind and sweet sometimes shy ver loveing and brave.
History:When Crystal Was very young her mother abandoned her but she was raised by her aunt Lily-Ann a pure white wolf with big blue eyes,
Crystal is a light brown wolf with green eyes and black paws, as Crystal was growing up she soon had learnt she was in danger, for
someone was trying to kill her, it was her uncle he wanted her gone as he wanted all the attention, so crystal fled into the mountains,
by now she was a lot older,she ventured the wilderness alone one day she ventured into a pack territory and asked to join she was acceped.
Rank: Delta
this is me:

Hope that told you more about me Very Happy

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