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All About Swift!!!

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All About Swift!!! Empty All About Swift!!!

Post  swift on Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:22 pm

Fur color: brown with assortments of darker and lighter shades of brown
Markings: red line going from nose to tip of tail
Eye color:Green
Gender: female
Personality: strong hearted, Brave, cunning and fast, smart, a problem solver, friendly, and very dominant and stubborn to higher members other than the alpha who tell her what to do. swift is strong, fierce, and large. She honorably enjoys the passion of procting the pack
rank: Warrior!
Likes:Puppies!!! procting pack members, overpowering enimies, and making friends
Dislikes:When lower members in the pak tell me what to do! HUMANS, and rotten food... yuck!
Anything else?: no not realy albino

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