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Light's BIO

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Light's BIO Empty Light's BIO

Post  Twilight on Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:52 am

This is Light's Bio lol!

Username(On WQ): *Twilight683

Name: *Light

Fur color:Pure Icy White Fur

Markings:She has black tips of the ears, the tail and black paws.

Eye color: Icy Blue

Gender: Female

Personality:I love my pack and will defend my pack with all my strength i have and will Keep the pack safe and well fed. Im also Kind , Caring , Sweet and i have a good sense of humor. I also love the ice and I love to jump through the snow.

History: I have been in 2 packs and now i am alpha female in one of my packs.

Likes: Friends , Howling at the moon , Having fun and playing in the snow.

Dislikes:humans , Enemies and mean wolfs in our territory.

Habits:Playing in the snow and howling to the moon with all my friends.

Fears:Being alone and losing my friends to enemies.


Reference(Optional):http://celinethecrazyanimal.deviantart.com/gallery/26661269#/d33168u (Im on the right and i forgot to put on the necklace)

Anything else?:She has a necklace with Yin and Yan on it. Very Happy

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