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Role-Play Rules-

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Role-Play Rules- Empty Role-Play Rules-

Post  Citrine on Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:55 pm

No killing your pack mates-
No getting super bloody and violent-
No god-modding please-
No cussing-
No power-play-
Please do not get all dramatic and try to attract attention.
No hinting "I like him/her" or flirting or any of that gross lovey dovey stuff on rp or anywhere!
There is not to be any double posting on any rp topic.
Most important of all, have fun!

NOTE: All females of the pack, just a reminder this is a friendly pack and friends only.
This is not going to be a pick up site for males to females or vice versa.
I will be the one choosing when its earned, who will be the Alpha Male, Beta male or Delta male. Lets keep this site fun and friendly and enjoy being in this pack.
Everyone thats in this pack, is what makes the pack great, that and participation c:
Thanks everybody!

There will be no favoritism in this pack whatsoever, and if anyone tries to act like the leader I will give them a warning and then so forth and if I see or hear that new members or newbies that are not familiar with packs are being looked down upon I will also give warnings, remember these will lead to a ban from the pack. This pack is and was created for all members to be friends and get along with no one better than the other.

[b]Role-Playing there will be no nipping or nuzzling with the opposite gender, no lovey dovey, I really like that wolf so much stuff. This is a family and friend pack. If I see it on Role-Play you will get a warning. Thank you all for participating, I want you to have a good time but without the flirting ok? Thanks, have fun

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Role-Play Rules- Empty Re: Role-Play Rules-

Post  Zeru on Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:08 pm

Moved to the Roleplay section ~

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