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Pack Info and Members

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Pack Info and Members Empty Pack Info and Members

Post  Citrine on Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:51 pm

Pack Information~

Day Pack was created- June-12-2011
Members- 28
Males- 10
Females- 18
Pack Song- ~SwitchFoot: I Dare you to Move~
Pack Motto- "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."
Pack Poem- To be chosen-
Pack Member of the Month: Quinn!
Pack Contest- Banner Contest- Deadline is August 24th!
Pack Banner- To be announced
Pack Signature- None yet
Pack's Newest Member: Ran!
Pack Initials- NRP
Pack Allies- 12
Pack Friends- 7

~Please follow all Wolf Quest rules, it would be appreciated greatly.
~Please do not cuss at all, not on my pack or here.
There are younger children playing on Wolf Quest too.
~Do not judge or make fun of others.
~Treat others how you would like to be treated.
~Please do not go off topic, I do not wish for this pack to be locked.
~Please post at least 2 or 3 times a week. We need active members here.

Pack Symbols~
▲ = Active
► = Semi-Active
▼ = Inactive
♀ = Female
♂ = Male
۞ = Alpha's Trust
* = Trusted Member
PMOTM = Pack Member of the Month
▆ = Warning
▆▆ = 2 Warnings
▆▆▆ = Banned from the Pack

Alpha Female- Citrine (CrystaltheGlaceon)♀▲

Beta- Maple (gameluver)♀۞▲
Beta- Shadow (Nightly-Howler)♂۞▲
Beta- Quinn (Cinnamon15)♀۞▲PMOTM

Delta- Crystal (RedCrystalRose)♀▲
Delta- Eragon (drakes wof)♂▲

Hunter- Light (Twilight683)♀▼
Hunter- Legend (WolfofLegend)♂►
Hunter- Jeans (JeansHowl)♀▲
Hunter- Kasumi (_Misty_Wolf_111)♀]▼
Hunter- Dex (52 Ace 52)♂▲
Hunter- Sian (candybop)♀▲

Scout- Hive (HIVE)♂▼
Scout- Dawn (sarah856)♀▼
Scout- Callista (FirePelt)♀*▲
Scout- Stealth (ericpatterson)♂►

Warrior- Shattered (LeopardStar919)♀*►
Warrior- Dust (BigCatCrazy)♀*►
Warrior- Kuro (GoldenSunsDragon)♀▼
Warrior- Swift (SwiftKill132)♀▲▆EFA
Warrior- Midnight (BluestarxOakheart)♀▼
Warrior- Ran (Kuran juri)♀▲

Pup Watcher- Moon-Light (Talwiny)♀▼
Pup Watcher- Shadow-Song (zack6wack)♂▼
Pup Watcher- Fusion (EpicNeon)♂EFA

Pup- Tear (Darkitten)♀▲
Pup- Foalan (Domrom17)♂▼
Pup- Rain (Rainflight)♀▲
Pup- Blaze (gv555)♂]▼

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